The aim of Physiotherapy treatment is to restore normal function in damaged tissues. Effective treatment requires a specific diagnosis which identifies the exact anatomy which is damaged and what type of damage, or pathology, has occurred. The damaged anatomy causes pain and loss of function. When normal movement has been achieved, the associated problem can heal and the pain subsides. Treatment may include mobilisation techniques, manipulation, the use of several types of therapeutic equipment, stretches and perhaps an exercise program. While temporary soreness may occur following treatment, the primary objective is to restore normal function. As normal movement and function returns in the tissue, the symptoms will be relieved.

We will explain the problem to you and answer any questions you may have. If you are unduly concerned by your problem please let us know.

We provide a comprehensive physiotherapy service to cover the following treatment, prevention and consultation areas:

  • Chronic physical pain which is affected by movement
  • Loss of normal movement in any joint in the body
  • Sports injuries of all types
  • Low back pain treatment, including manipulation if necessary
  • Neck pain treatment, both for acute and chronic pain
  • Spinal disc assessment and treatment
  • Spinal joint assessment and treatment
  • Repetition strain injuries or over-use syndrome problems
  • Advice on fitness programmes
  • Postural advice and back care education
  • Physical development assessments of young children, including a check for scoliosis
  • Assessment and individual fitness programmes for elderly people
  • Exercise programmes for people with fractures, hip replacements or following all orthopaedic surgery
  • Work place consultancy including work place assessments
  • Work place based rehabilitation programs



If you have a physical health problem which is not listed, please ask us and we will advise if physiotherapy is appropriate.

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